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Traffic on Highway 101
Just five months since we released our Innovation Required report, TransForm’s Optimized HOT proposal is gaining traction throughout the Bay Area. All three county agencies that manage Highway 101 on the Peninsula are taking next steps on TransForm’s idea of how to get the best use of our existing highways.
San Mateo County to Study Optimized HOT
Optimized High-Occupany Toll (HOT) and express lanes have been a hot topic of conversation at several meetings of the San Mateo City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG) this year.  The agency is developing the scope for a parallel feasibility study for express lanes, including key elements of the Optimized HOT approach, for Hwy 101 from the Whipple exit to the I-380 interchange. This...

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Title Posted Date
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Governor's new budget makes transportation and environment priorities 01/16/2014
Plan Bay Area Rolls Out the Gate 12/20/2013
Innovation required to curb congestion on Highway 101 in San Mateo County 12/16/2013
Another BART shutdown illustrates need to invest in reliability now Another BART shutdown 11/22/2013
Fifth cap-and-trade auction moves ahead today after legal affirmation Cap-and-trade auctions should fund clean transportation 11/19/2013
Plan Bay Area implementation off and running…maybe a little too fast Plan Bay Area 11/14/2013
Transportation and equity in focus this week Transportation and Equity in the Bay Area Rapid Transit System 11/08/2013
The 2013 Legislative Season: A Mixed Bag for Transportation 11/01/2013
Walk & Roll Day 2013 gets Alameda County kids moving Walk & Roll to School Day 2013 10/16/2013
A win for active transportation, a win for California Kids Using Active Transit 09/27/2013
Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit gets a green light Senior at Bus Stop in San Francisco 09/25/2013
Here comes PARK(ing) Day! PARK(ing) Day in Chattanooga, TN - 2012 09/17/2013
The end (of the 2013 legislative session) is near End of the legislative session ahead 09/12/2013
Zero parking = zero drama? Not exactly. Garden Village - GreenTRIP Certified 09/05/2013
Timing is critical for Safe Routes California Advocacy Day Kids participating in Safe Routes to School programs 08/15/2013
Too much parking: An expensive problem Right Size Parking 08/09/2013
A big day ahead for state transportation policy California Homes & Jobs Act 08/06/2013
Bus Rapid Transit gets another green light from the Oakland City Council East Bay Bus Rapid Transit 08/01/2013
State Legislative Update: Spotlight on the CTC California Transportation Commission 07/31/2013
Getting youth on transit cuts climate pollution for an entire generation 07/23/2013
Oh, What A Night! Plan Bay Area Adopted With Last-Minute Improvements 07/19/2013
Strike preempts bikes on BART 07/01/2013
State hits pause on funding for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure 06/26/2013
BART budget stays true to vision - mostly 06/24/2013
A few steps forward: Plan Bay Area shows movement, still needs improvement 06/20/2013
State budget misses the mark on climate change and transportation 06/13/2013
Education and Advocacy Day puts boots on the ground in all nine counties 06/12/2013
Safe Routes Fellows travel to Sacramento 06/04/2013
All eyes on the conference committee for climate funding decision 06/03/2013
BART Should Follow the Metro Vision Recommended Priorities 05/31/2013
Protect BART at Upcoming Budget Hearings 05/22/2013
Plan Bay Area comment period is closed, but we look forward to an open conversation about our region’s future 05/17/2013
400 ppm and the Governor is loaning away climate funds? 05/15/2013
Transit 101: More students could get discounted passes with cap-and-trade funding 05/10/2013
We’re over the moon for the EEJ alternative 05/08/2013
Impact of Advocacy Day already visible in key bill’s approval by Assembly committee 05/01/2013
We can – and must - plan for an equitable and sustainable Bay Area 04/30/2013
Transportation Choices Summit ignites advocates to spark change 04/24/2013
CARB calls for transforming California’s transportation system – really! CARB 04/17/2013
Calls for better public transportation, affordability at first Plan Bay Area meetings 04/16/2013
California’s cap-and-trade program: An opportunity to invest in community health Community Health 04/09/2013
Putting together the Plan Bay Area puzzle Puzzle Plan Bay Area 04/05/2013
MTC Express Lanes: HOT or not? 03/28/2013
AB 1051: Assemblyman Bocanegra calls for Sustainable Communities for All Assemblymember Bocanegra 03/27/2013
On Cap-and-Trade: Together, our voices are being heard. 03/12/2013
“Let’s Get Moving” Silicon Valley Transportation Choices and Healthy Communities Summit is a Hit 03/05/2013
Transportation advocates turn out in force for final cap-and-trade workshop Cap-and-Trade Hearing in Los Angeles 02/28/2013
Transportation and affordable housing take center stage at California’s first cap-and-trade workshop Jerry Brown 02/21/2013
Students launch Carpool Parking Area in Pleasanton Students stencil CARPOOL on a parking space 02/13/2013
What happened at the first auction of cap and trade 12/04/2012
What yesterday’s election means for transportation 11/07/2012
Full Speed Ahead with Bus Rapid Transit on El Camino Real! 11/06/2012
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Decision Time for Silicon Valley's El Camino Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project 09/14/2012
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A Postmortem on the Newly Passed Federal Transportation Bill 07/26/2012
Plan Bay Area Moves Forward with Five Alternative Strategies for EIR 07/25/2012
Big news: last night's vote on Bus Rapid Transit signals a shift for the entire Bay Area 07/18/2012
Historic Vote Kicks off Real Journey for High Speed Rail 07/10/2012
Plan Bay Area begins its Environmental Impact Report (EIR) 06/22/2012
Major Milestone in the Bay Area’s Sustainable Community Strategy 05/30/2012
$1 Million Awarded to Implement Transit-Oriented Development Plan on International Boulevard in Oakland 05/29/2012
Victory for Climate Innovative Grants! 05/25/2012
TransForm Supports Measure B, Alameda County’s transportation measure 05/23/2012
Transportation Choices Summit Gets Statewide Movement Off to a Running Start 05/03/2012
Recommendations on the Draft Transportation Investment Strategy 04/13/2012
New High Speed Rail plan offers great benefits to Bay Area 03/27/2012
Analysis of Proposed reauthorization of Alameda County Measure B 03/07/2012
MTC respects Performance instead of Politics 02/28/2012
BART Protects Existing System while Moving to Study Livermore Project 02/23/2012
Good Projects, Bad Projects: Results of the Project Performance Analysis 02/16/2012
Will the Metropolitan Transportation Commission rethink some of the largest transportation projects on the books? 11/02/2011
Let the marathon begin: San Diego adopts California's first SCS 10/30/2011
MTC Express Lanes: Flawed Plan, Needs Public Planning 10/14/2011
The Bay Area deserves a better Express Lane plan 09/27/2011
MTC Misses Huge Opportunity in Rushing Flawed Express Lane Proposal 09/06/2011
Rewarding cities that do the right thing 07/21/2011
Waiting for Wednesday: MTC Commission/ABAG Meeting to Address Alternative Scenarios 06/21/2011
The Devil is in the Details 06/10/2011
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MTC Planning Committee Makes the Right Choice: Option 2 for Committed Projects 04/11/2011
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