We all want to love where we live—in communities where there are homes we can afford and lots of ways to easily get around to our favorite places. GreenTRIP is making this possible.

The Bay Area, and regions around the country, anticipate growth over the next ten years primarily in downtowns and near public transit. But cities rely on outdated codes that require excessive parking, driving up building costs, and making it more expensive to live here, while increasing traffic.

Unfortunately, cities don’t have funding or data to keep these codes updated. Developers resist new ideas if they aren’t recognized by code. Communities fight new homes because of expected traffic. The result is a severe lack of new homes for people of all incomes directly threatening the region’s vibrancy and Donald Shoup Block Quotediversity.

GreenTRIP modernizes planning by eliminating excessive parking and focusing on giving people more and better transportation choices—like free-or-reduced-cost transit passes and free memberships to services like ZipCar, BikeShare or City CarShare.

By doing this we actually decrease building costs while increasing the benefits to our community. It means more homes can be built in the same location, and at more affordable prices, while also reducing traffic on our streets by taking cars off the road.

Here’s GreenTRIP’s three-pronged approach to transforming our approach to planning:

Stuart Cohen Irvine Leadership Video Excerpt Mario VirgenGreenTRIP Certification works with developers and cities to identify the most effective traffic reduction strategies for a proposed building, and to reduce parking based on these strategies, as well as factors such as access to transit and services   Our certification process untangles the complex, inefficient web of planning codes with evidence-based information that city officials and the community can rely on. We then recognize these buildings and provide clear communications to show how it will promote transportation choices and promote healthy, affordable communities. Click here to learn more or apply for certification.

GreenTRIP Research aims to better understand which ideas for traffic reduction work best for our communities. With support from HUD and the Ford Foundation, we are collecting data to quantify the benefits of affordable homes and a range of traffic reduction strategies. The data our program collects and synthesizes will help provide city officials, the community and developers with data they need to make decisions that help maintain a Bay Area that works for all of us, and helps meet our climate reduction goals.

GreenTRIP Connect is a proposed online tool that will harness the power of technology and unleash the power of GreenTRIP on a broader scale. It will automate the time-consuming methods now used for certifications. The tool will allow anyone to find ways to reduce traffic and excessive parking. Our goal is for GreenTRIP Connect to give people the power to make better planning decisions for our communities at a much larger scale. You can learn more about GreenTRIP Connect by clicking here.

We want the Bay Area to be a place that can continue to grow, and where people can afford to stay and easily get around in the vibrant and safe community they call home. Working together, we can make this happen here and spread it around California and the Country!

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