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How GreenTRIP Started

TransForm launched our innovative GreenTRIP program in 2008 to systematically address the barriers that keep fantastic projects – that have less parking, more affordability, and a lot less driving – from becoming a reality in the Bay Area and soon, throughout California.

The GreenTRIP program initially focused on a certification program that would create a set of standards for new development focused on parking and traffic, similar and complimentary to the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED certification.

TransForm secured seed funding from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Climate Protection Grant Program and the Rockefeller Foundation in 2008 for a pilot test of GreenTRIP certification. We then secured additional funding from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Union Bank, Federal Home Loan Bank, Ford Foundation, Lisa and Douglas Goldman Foundation and the Heller Foundation.

GreenTRIP has since expanded beyond the certification program to include research and more.

GreenTRIP has been strongly shaped by the Advisory Committee, which represents a variety of stakeholder groups and expert advisors including: city planners, developers, transportation/development consultants, academics, and transportation agency staff.  The GreenTRIP program is why Donald Shoup, a leader in urban planning and a professor at UCLA, deemed TransForm the head of a "new fountain of innovation in parking policy."

The GreenTRIP Team

Program Director Ann Cheng created TransForm's GreenTRIP certification program from its inception and oversees development of GreenTRIP certifications, research and the proposed GreenTRIP Connect tool development.  A former El Cerrito mayor and councilmember, Ann specializes in working with communities to modernize transportation and land use planning policies to support transportation choices and keeping the Bay Area affordable to stay in. In March 2014, Ann was recognized by the SF Business Times as a “Top 40 Under 40” leader in her field.

Executive Director Stuart Cohen provides overall program supervision on GreenTRIP Research and GreenTRIP Connect program development. Based largely on GreenTRIP’s work, Stuart received an Ashoka Fellowship and a 2013 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award.

Policy Analyst Jennifer West provides certifications and oversees data collection for GreenTRIP Research. Jennifer has a Master's degree in Public Policy from U.C. Berkeley. She is also currently an Emeryville councilmember and was formerly the mayor.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee represents a variety of stakeholder groups including: city planners, developers, transportation/development consultants, academics, and transportation agency staff.

Marcial Chao
Pyatok Architects

Gabriella Chiarenza
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Robert Cunningham
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

Professor Elizabeth Deakin
University of California, Berkeley

Joe DiStefano
Calthorpe Associates

Karen Frick
University of California, Berkeley

Pedro Galvao
Association of Bay Area Governments

Adam Garcia
Greenbelt Alliance

Megan Kirkeby
California Department of Housing and Community Development

Valerie Knepper
Metropolitan Transportation Commission (Retired)

Curt Johansen
TerraVerde Ventures

Richard Lee
Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities

Todd Litman
Victoria Transport Policy Institute (VTPI)

Kathleen Livermore
City of Alameda

Pilar Lorenzana-Campo

Professor Adam Millard-Ball
University of California, Santa Cruz

Jeffrey Tumlin

Renee van Staveren
Urban Land Institute - San Francisco; The Global Grid

Aaron Welch

Kate White
California State Transportation Agency

Jeff Wood
The Overhead Wire

Technical Committee

Brian Canepa

Alison Kirk
Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Adam Garcia
Greenbelt Alliance

Stephanie Chen
SuperChen.com UX Web Design

Kay Cheng creator of GreenTRIP logo
Urban Designer, City of San Francisco 


A video by the Knight Foundation with GreenTRIP Program Director Ann Cheng describing newly funded San Jose GreenTRIP program efforts (3 mins, Apr 2014) 


Stuart Cohen talks about GreenTRIP as a 2013 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award winner (4 mins, Feb 2013) 



Ann Cheng presents on GreenTRIP at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (82 mins, Jan 2013)

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