To Developers

  • Presentation at public hearing on GreenTRIP certification
  • Letter announcing certification to decision makers
  • Customized project evaluation report
  • Simplified process—no third party rater needed
  • GreenTRIP certificate and building plaque
  • Customized press release announcing certification
  • Traffic model results can help you with environmental review on greenhouse gases and traffic
  • Tailored consultation on traffic-reduction strategies

To Local Government Officials

  • Knowledge of how proposed development will help reduce transportation-caused greenhouse gases (GHGs)
  • Clear way to explain to constituents how a project is truly green from a transportation perspective

To Future Residents

  • Environmentally friendly development is about more that just green building—it’s about how people live. More and more, people are choosing green alternatives not only because they’re good for the environment, but also because they are healthier, safer and more economical for their families. With the variety of green labels available to consumers, programs that offer them quality assurance are needed more than ever.
  • GreenTRIP certified homes are close to high frequency transit and in locations that support a variety of ways to get around.