Certified Projects


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GREEN DOT: Certified Project - Planned Projects
DARK BLUE DOT: Certified Project - Existing /Occupied Projects

There are two categories of certified projects:

  1. Fully Certified Projects: Fully certified projects have received city entitlements that include GreenTRIP project attributes (density, location, and traffic reduction strategies).
  2. Conditionally Certified Projects: Conditionally Certified projects meet GreenTRIP certification standards but have not yet received city entitlements locking in GreenTRIP project attributes. Once projects have received full entitlements, including project elements that meet GreenTRIP Certification Standards, we will award a full certification and move the project to the Certified Projects list.

Soon to be updated: Projects designated as GreenTRIP Standard, Platinum, Zero Parking, or Existing Certification. 

All GreenTRIP-Certified Projects

Read more about the cumulative results of our certified projects in the GreenTRIP Impacts (4 pager). 

Conditional Certification

Full Certification


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