How It Works

GreenTRIP staff will work with selected developers to create tailored traffic reduction strategies. Project evaluation is iterative, allowing developers to change project characteristics to improve their rating.

Projects are evaluated on

  • Projected Driving by Residents (Vehicle Miles Traveled per Household)
  • Traffic Reduction Strategies - Providing 40 years of free or deep-discounted transit passes, 40 years of car share membership and/or unbundling all the parking. 
  • Appropriate Amount of Parking

GreenTRIP Certification Standards are customized for different place types.

GreenTRIP Certification Standards

GreenTRIP "How to Guide"

The 8-page GreenTRIP How-to Guide provides an overview of the step-by-step certification process, certification standards, and the schedule of fees.  Review this document to determine if you or a project you know of should apply.

Download it below.

Learn more about implementing Traffic Reduction Strategies by downloading our Transit Pass and Carshare Info Sheets.