Strategic Plan 2014-2019

TransForm’s ambitious new strategic plan outlines how we will work with diverse partners to create an abundance of walkable communities with excellent transportation choices.  The plan shows how, Strategic Plantogether, we can connect people of all incomes to opportunity, keep California affordable, and help solve our climate crisis.

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Here is some of what you’ll see in the plan:

We are deeply indebted to the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the support of which made this plan possible.

A Focus on Climate and Social Equity

Our climate is in a state of emergency. Meanwhile, social inequality continues to grow at an alarming rate.  That’s why TransForm decided to put climate and social equity at the heart of what we do. Working at the intersection of climate and equity will drive our approach and the solutions we develop.Strategic Plan Metrics

It will also drive how we measure our impact:  focusing on achieving absolute benefit for all communities, but also reducing inequality by income, as well as race, age and ability for the measures in Figure 1.   

On page 19-21 of the plan you can read about our new Climate and Equity Initiative.  This effort will integrate research, tools, and communications that clarify the tremendous climate and transportation benefits of providing affordable transportation and homes for people of every income.

Scaling Up Successful Local and Regional Efforts

TransForm continues to be committed to making the Bay Area a model region and spreading solutions across California.  That’s why we will:

  • Continue engaging residents in key planning processes through the Great Communities Collaborative.
  • Expand our urban Safe Routes to Schools program to at least 150 public schools.
  • Scale up GreenTRIP, which is creating a new paradigm for development that builds places with less traffic and more affordability for residents.
  • Launch the Innovative Cities Project, initially focused on San Jose and Oakland.

Through our advocacy work, we will also:

Greater Impact across California and Beyond

TransForm will continue build a movement for smarter regional planning throughout California.  That includes housing and sponsoring ClimatePlan, a network that brings advocates together statewide and is engaging in the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California.

There is also unprecedented opportunity to have state policy and funding support our mission.  With billions of dollars in cap-and-trade funding at play and a chance to dramatically reform Caltrans, TransForm’s Sacramento office will seek to grow and build a stronger movement for state transportation reform.

TransForm will also systematically spread successful strategies to other states through partnerships Transportation For America, the Center for Neighborhood Technology, and others.


Read the plan now to get the details on the efforts described above, as well as efforts to harness the sharing economy, shape transportation ballot measures, and to bring the era of highway expansion to a close.

How we develop our communities and the kind of transportation choices we have will have a critical impact on climate and social inequality.  Please join us in bringing our strategic plan to life and transforming our shared future.

If you would like a complimentary hard copy of the strategic plan mailed to you, please email Anjali and include your address.


TransForm’s 2014-2019 Strategic Plan

TransForm’s 2009-2012 Strategic Plan