TransForm: A Tenacious Advocate for Sustainable Transportation and Smart Land Use

TransForm has won literally billions of dollars and groundbreaking policies in support of public transportation, smart growth, affordable housing, and bicycle/pedestrian safety. 

Advocacy is a core part of our history and our ongoing work to create great, walkable communities and world-class public transportation for all.

See below for more information on our current Bay Area Transportation Advocacy, Bay Area Land Use Advocacy, and California and Federal Advocacy. Or, learn about Past TransForm Campaigns.

Bay Area Transportation Advocacy

The Bay Area deserves a world class transportation system with fast, frequent, reliable and affordable transit and safe walking and biking access to give all residents quality transportation choices. Achieving a robut transportation network will ensure access to those who need it most, help keep the Bay Area affordable for working families, give everyone more time by reducing congestion, and it will move the region forward in achieving healthier air and a protected climate.

To achieve world-class transportation in the Bay Area, TransForm is working in these priority areas:

Bay Area Land Use Advocacy

For the past 50 years, poorly planned growth has led to an almost complete reliance on cars and the loss of some of the region’s best farmland and most beautiful landscapes. The long distances between housing, services, and workplaces have left many people living in areas with grinding commutes, polluted air, and untenable transportation costs. Walkable communities near transit, with a mix of housing for all income levels, shops, offices, community facilities, and parks can make a world of difference for our health, quality of life, and environment.

TransForm’s land use advocacy focuses on two key strategies for achieving walkable neighborhoods around transit:

California and Federal Advocacy

California has adopted ground-breaking laws that call for reducing global warming pollution through changing our approach to land use, housing, and transportation. But, entrenched interests and long-held policies threaten to undermine these tremendous opportunities. TransForm is working with partners at the state-level and across the country to ensure that California and the Bay Area have the tools we need to meet our climate change goals and create world class transportation and walkable communities.

To do this, we're pursuing the following areas:

Past TransForm Campaigns

Since TransForm’s founding in 1997, we’ve made incredible strides in winning billions of dollars and groundbreaking policies that together have moved the region forward.

Learn more about past TransForm campaigns:

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