Bay Area Land Use Advocacy

For the past 50 years, poorly planned growth has led to an almost complete reliance on cars and the loss of some of the region’s best farmland and most beautiful landscapes. The long distances between housing, services, and workplaces have left many people living in areas with grinding commutes, polluted air, and untenable transportation costs.

Walkable communities near transit, with a mix of housing for all income levels, shops, offices, community facilities, and parks can make a world of difference for our health, quality of life, and environment.

To achieve great walkable neighborhoods around transit TransForm's land use advocacy focuses on two key strategies:

Through the Great Communities Collaborative, TransForm is engaging people in planning for and creating great communities near transit throughout the region.

Our cutting-edge Green TRIP certification program works with developers and cities to support residential in-fill development projects that integrate comprehensive strategies to reduce traffic and greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information, contact Clarrissa Cabansagan.