Bay Area Transportation Advocacy

The Bay Area deserves a world class transportation system with fast, frequent, reliable and affordable transit and safe routes for walking and biking. Achieving a robust network of choices will ensure that the nearly two million residents who don’t drive can meet their daily needs. A cost-effective and reliable transportation system will help to keep the Bay Area affordable for working families as they’re able to put more money in the bank, not the gas tank. Quality travel options will give everyone, including people in cars, more time by reducing congestion. And, a world-class transit system will help us all breathe cleaner air and will push back on a changing climate.

To achieve world-class transportation in the Bay Area, TransForm is pursuing these priorities:

Bay Area’s Sustainable Communities Strategy/Regional Transportation Plan—SB 375: TransForm is working with a coalition of partners to ensure that MTC’s next Regional Transportation Plan is a model of transparency, performance, equity, and that it achieves regional goals that will make the Bay Area a better place to live now and for the next 25 years.

Securing New Funds for Public Transit: TransForm is working on increasing the share of existing funds that go to transit, and to raise new funds at the local and regional level.

High Occupancy/Toll Lanes: TransForm is working to ensure that a regional High-Occupancy/Toll (HOT) lane network will expand transportation access for low-income individuals, provide greater transportation choices for all travelers, and help carpools and buses avoid congestion.

Bus Rapid Transit: TransForm is working to engage local communities in shaping Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes in the East Bay and South Bay to create model cost-effective, world-class transit options that may be replicated throughout the region and beyond.

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