Past Campaigns

Since TransForm’s founding in 1997, we’ve made incredible strides in winning billions of dollars and groundbreaking policies that together have moved the region forward.

Learn more about our past campaigns:

Alameda County's Measure B (2012): TransForm worked to support Measure B, which would have raised nearly $8 billion by doubling the transportation sales tax and extending it in perpetuity.

Transit Sustainability Study (2012): TransForm worked to shape MTC’s Transit Sustainability Study so that it provides a useful, implementable plan that will significantly improve Bay Area transit service, making it more reliable, cost-effective, and will stabilize costs and service.

SMART Train (2012):  Hundreds of people celebrated the groundbreaking of the Sonoma-Marin train and accompanying bike/ped pathway (SMART) on February 24, 2012.

County Vehicle Registration Fees (2010): TransForm helped shape and win new funding in counties across the region that will support a range of transportation needs.

Oakland Airport Connector (2009-2010): TransForm’s epic battle against the bloated $500 million airport connector highlighted significant issues with how regional planning is done and kicked off a call for fundamental change in how we plan transportation.

Regional Climate Initiative (2007-2010): TransForm’s regional coalition conceived of and won the creation of and funding for a host of innovative programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. This program is now funding a host of innovations such as Safe Routes to Schools, bike sharing, employer-based transportation incentives, and more.

Past Regional Transportation Plans (1998, 2001, 2005. 2009): After decades of tenacious advocacy by TransForm’s regional coalition, the Bay Area’s Regional Transportation Plan now supports many projects and programs that will make the region a better place for us all to live.

Measure VV: AC Transit Parcel Tax (2008): page coming soon: TransForm, along with environmental and social justice partners, crafted and helped to pass a parcel tax to help protect senior and youth fares in the AC Transit District.

Regional Measure 2 Bridge Toll Increase (2004) page coming soon: TransForm's regional coalition played a leading role in developing and helping pass Regional Measure 2, the one-dollar bridge toll increase to fund public transit.

Contra Costa Measure J Transportation Sales Tax (2002-2004) page coming soon: TransForm brought together 39 groups around the passage of Contra Costa County's transportation sales tax proposal, winning significant funds for a smart growth and affordable housing incentive program (the first of its kind!), plus a Safe Transportation for Children program.

Alameda County Measure B Transportation Sales Tax (1998-2000) page coming soon: TransForm brought together partners in Alameda County and won a transportation sales tax that dedicates 80% of funds to public transit, paratransit, and bicycle/pedestrian safety, and we helped pass the sales tax with an 81% vote of approval.

See a detailed history of TransForm's work since 1997.

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