Transportation Choices Campaign

KEY CAMPAIGN UPDATE: California Senate President pro tem Darrell Steinberg announces long-term strategy for investing cap-and-trade proceeds in real transportation and housing choices.

On April 14th TransForm joined California Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg along with other partners and allies as he unveiled his promising long-term investment strategy for cap-and-trade auction proceeds that could begin addressing this need. SB 1156 proposes significant and sustained investments in many of the priorities TransForm and our partners in the Sustainable Communities for All Coalition have advocated for:  expanded and efficient public transit, affordable homes near transit, and increased biking and walking.

While there is room for improvement this proposal, if adopted, would represent a major increase in funding for these priorities beginning next year through 2020 and possibly beyond. TransForm will work to strengthen this bill in the weeks ahead. Click here to read a full analysis of SB 1156 on our blog.

It’s not the only proposal on the table however. Governor Brown’s January 10th budget proposal is still just as much in play as it was the day it was proposed and will play a role in this year’s plan for investing cap-and-trade auction proceeds this year as the well as years ahead. Learn more about his proposal and what we want to improve.

Uniting California to improve transportation

California has long been known as the car capital, for good reason. We drive enough that transportation is now nearly 20% of family expenses and is the largest contributor of dangerous air pollution and climate change.

But California is also a place where we value choices, health, and prosperity. And that is why Californians are embracing choices in how they get around -- demanding fast, affordable public transportation, safe walking and bicycling, shuttles and vanpools, and more.

Join with thousands of Californians to demand real transportation choices