Transit Sustainability Project

The Bay Area’s transit operators, transportation funding and policy agencies, and stakeholders like TransForm are coming together to address the dire reality facing public transit—there’s not enough funding to sustain the system that exists, not to mention expand service to meet growing demands or support regional goals of providing more choices for more people.

The MTC-led Transit Sustainability Study is possibly the best opportunity to move forward on making the existing system work better and identifying ways to stabilize costs and service. TransForm is one of six public interest organizations that MTC invited to sit on their Transit Sustainability Steering Committee.

TransForm is working with partners from the social justice, business, and labor community to shape the Transit Sustainability Study so that it provides a useful, implementable plan that will significantly improve Bay Area transit service, making it more reliable, cost-effective, and will stabilize costs and service. 

The outcomes of the Transit Sustainability Study will feed into the Bay Area’s 2013 Sustainable Communities Strategy and Regional Transportation Plan.


MTC's page on the Transit Sustainability Study.

Muni's Transit Effectiveness Program and VTA's Transit Sustainability Policy provide some approaches to transit sustainability.

MTC’s Transit Connectivity Plan identified a host of strategies to improve transit riders’ experience in using multiple transit systems.

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