Performance: MTC Project Performance Analysis (PPA)

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The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) established performance measurement criteria for all new investments under consideration for the San Francisco Bay Area’s Regional Transportation Plan. MTC analyzed approximately 900 projects with this quantitative and qualitative analysis and conducted other performance analysis including a scenario analysis and target-setting processes.


The three E’s – economy, environment, and equity – provide an umbrella framework for the Project Performance Analysis. More specifically, projects are analyzed for consistency with seven target goals: climate protection, adequate housing, healthy and safe communities, open space and agricultural preservation, equitable access, economic vitality and transportation system effectiveness.

Cost & Financing: 

MTC used their general fund to employ two to three full-time staff members and limited consultant assistance to complete this project performance assessment in 15 months.


Based upon the criteria, projects are classified as high-performing, moderate-performing, or low-performing projects. After conducting qualitative analysis on 900 large projects, MTC classified 34 projects as low-performing: 1 case was slated for rejection, 12 projects were withdrawn by sponsors, 13 of them were re-scoped, and 8 made compelling cases that were approved. Using this performance analysis allowed MTC to evaluate projects on a performance basis, reject projects that may encourage sprawl or depend on auto and trucks, and thus, reduce greenhouse pollutants and improve health outcomes.

Slide from "Making a Compelling Case" by David Vautin, MTC (May 30, 2014)

Key Contacts: 

Name Organization Phone Number E-mail
David Vautin MTC (510) 817-5709
Jeff Hobson TransForm (510) 740-3150 x 312

David Vautin oversaw the development of the performance measures and Jeff Hobson was an advocate involved with the SF Bay Area's Sustainable Communities Strategy process.

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