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What it does: 

TriMet, the public transit system for the Portland, Oregon metro area, initiated the development of the Tri Met Transit Equity Index in 2013.The Index evaluates potential investments on ten different metrics of equity based on the environmental justice principles of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and consultation with the agency's Transit Equity Advisory Committee and Metro, the local MPO.  


TriMet will use the Index as one of a number of avenues to proactively incorporate equity into planning and service in Portland's short and long term vision of transit. Specifically, it evaluates investments based on the 10 following topics: minority population, low-income population, Limited English Proficiency population, senior population, youth population, people with disabilities, limited vehicle access households, low and medium wage jobs, affordable housing units, and key retail/human/social services.

Cost & Financing: 

No funds were allocated towards the development of this performance measure. However, agency officials and leadership supported Jake Warr, the principal agency staff that has been working on the Index for the last two years on and off with input from 15-20 staff members across different agency departments. The project was also supported by the Transit Advisory Equity Committee, composed of leadership from community organizations, which formed a subcommittee that met for about 20 hours of intense, work sessions to help shape the Index.


The Transit Equity Index is still in development, in its middle stages. TriMet's Policy & Planning Department plan to use the Index as one tool to inform which current bus route services should be increased and create new routes where coverage is lacking. Currently, the Transit Equity Index helps prioritize which service increases should be rolled out first as resources become available.

Key Contacts: 

Name Organization Phone Number E-mail
Jake Warr Tri Met (503) 962-2234
Heidi Guenin Transit Equity Advisory Committee (503) 841-7936

Jake Warr is the principal TriMet staff member in charge of the project. Heidi Guenin is a member of the Transit Equity Advisory Committee. 

The Index was created from a collaboration between TriMet's Department of Diversity & Transit Equity, the TriMet Transit Equity Advisory Committee, and other agencies in the region. 

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TriMet has not yet published documents related to the Transit Equity Index onto its website. The following documents were provided in response to TransForm queries: 


For more information, contact Jake Warr, listed above. 


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