Plan: Community-Based Transportation Plans (CBTP)

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The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) initiated the Community-Based Transportation Planning (CBTP) Program in 2002 to identify the needs for low-income communities through a collaborative effort from low-income and minority communities, transit operators, county congestion management agencies and MTC. The program was developed as a result of recommendations for community-based planning from two reports.


By 2015, MTC plans to have completed, or at least started 41 CBTPs covering 43 disadvantaged environments in the Bay Area. Individual CBTPs identify high priority projects that can be ready to apply for the Lifeline Transportation Funding Program and other relative funding programs.

Cost & Financing: 

MTC initially allocated $60,000 per plan. However, creating an individual CBTP may range from $60,000 to $120,000. Costs depend on the level of engagement from the community in concern, number of staff available, location (rural vs. urban), and other factors.


To date, MTC has funded 33 completed plans covering 68 low income communities across the Bay Area. These were mostly completed in two stages – one started in 2004 and the second starting in 2008.

Community-based planning identifies local needs from individuals who understand the community. Hearing those voices helps identify which projects or strategies will most likely be effective and improve the health and equity outcomes. About half of the 39 projects funded through the FY05-FY08 cycle of the Lifeline Transportation Program were projects derived from CBTPs.

Key Contacts: 

Name Organization Phone Number E-mail
Drennen Shelton MTC (510) 810-5909
Jeff Hobson TransForm (510) 740-3150 x312

Drennen Shelton is the program manager of Community-Based Transportation Planning Program. Jeff Hobson was one of the main advocates and a member of county and regional working groups pushing MTC to initiate and fund the program.

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Last Updated August 19, 2014 | Written By Mimi Tam