Project: Cleveland's Healthline Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

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What it does: 

The Euclid Corridor Transportation Project, now called the “HealthLine,” opened on October 24, 2008 rejuvenating Euclid Avenue since its long-term decline after the Great Depression. Similar to light rail, this BRT project uses dedicated bus lanes, traffic signal priority, and state-of-the-art vehicles.


HealthLine aims to provide improved transit service and pedestrian infrastructures and to support economic development through a community-based design process.

Cost & Financing: 

To provide 7.1 miles of key features such as off-board fare collection, median-aligned dedicated bus-only lanes, and level boarding, the project cost a grand total of $200 million in federal and local funding. The buses and stations cost $50 million while streetscape and roadway improvements along the corridor cost $150 million.


HealthLine increased bus speed by 34%, leading to an average travel time savings of 12 minutes. Ridership increased by 60% with over 14,000 new weekly riders. The trees planted along the corridor will absorb over 32 metric tons annually. Additionally, this BRT project lowered particulate emissions by 97% and the fuel economy increased by 75%.

Key Contacts: 

Name Organization Phone Number E-mail
Joe Calabrese Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (212) 566-5216
Joseph Marinucci Downtown Celeveland Alliance (216) 736-7799

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, local and state governments, businesses, and community members collaborated together to ensure the success of HealthLine.

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Last Updated: August 13, 2014 | Written By Mimi Tam