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I don't believe it...

last night I had a craving for a slice of Arizimendi pizza and I didn't feel like walking!!!

Going to the Theater in Style

Okay, so last night I was invited to go see The Tosca Project at ACT in San Francisco (yes, it's fabulous!)...so I live in Oakland...hop on BART get off at Powell Street Station, meet my friend at

Le Train Bleu

It's the upstairs restaurant!

Favorite Train Stations of the World???

A side contest...favorite train stations anywhere in the world...this is mine!

81.1 miles by car at least 220 by public transit and foot

And I did not feel deprived!  In fact my ferry boat ride from Marin to SF was delightful as was my bus walk adventure in the town of Alameda.

Contest for most creative commute mode?


Only 4 more days to go and then were there permanent changes?

I hope so!

A Ferry across the Bay Day

Bicing in Barcelona

A report from the Hague

I don't have much to report today. However, my niece, Erin, is in the Hague (yes in the Netherlands) for the summer.

Transit Around the Bay Day this Friday

So on Friday I have an appointment in Corte Madera, CA (Marin) at 11:00 am. I live in Oakland (Alameda Co)  One of those things I didn't pay attention to as I was signing up for the car free challenge.

Good news...the best way to get there from here at that time of day, via San Francisco! AND the whole thing can be done in about an hour and a half!

BART to SF, Golden Gate Transit Bus to Corte Madera is an option

A little change and I'm car free for another day!

So today my traditional routine would have been to walk to and from work and THEN....oops no food for dinner, so what would I do?  Hop in the ole' car and DRIVE to the supermarket, that is less than 1/2 mile from my home!!! (SILLY, HUH?)

But the car free challenge is on my mind!  So, with a small change; I walked to work, took the bus from work to the supermarket near home, did my shopping, and WALKED HOME!

I started a day early!

Yes it's true, May 31st was a car-free day.  Lovely day with friends at Berkeley Rep (BART)  You, Nero worth seeing! Tthen dinner at Spengers (carpool), and AC Transit home!

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