The best laid plans

My goal of 10 miles for the week was totally realistic but there was no way to take in unforeseen events. The first day, when I expected to start my 0 car miles, I was called to work early for an urgent matter, leaving me no time to take public transportation so into my car I went. Then an unexpected home visit to a student arose. I drove into East Oakland in my intern's car but, even halving the mileage, I was already at 20 miles on the first day :(

The second day was the one day I had planned to take my car due to a very early meeting and a tight schedule getting back downtown. That day went as planned with a combination of car and public transportation.

The 3rd and 4th days also went well. Less than one mile extra (I rounded up as I was the passenger) as we had to get a student back to school and returned to a field trip. No public transportation option.

Then Saturday, the 5th day, I was meeting a friend from Marin in SF. No problem and no expected miles. But then she had an appointment in Oakland and had to drive into SF anyway. Do I drive with her or take BART as planned and stay out of a car? Well, the whole point of this was to spend time together and she was driving in whether or not I went with her. So in the car I got and added another 5 miles for carpooling.

Tomorrow is the last day. Again, I had planned to take BART and the Emery-Go-Round. But at our early morning meeting on day 2, I wound up scheduling a home assessment that will get me out too late to use public transportation. So when all is done, I will have driven 4X my planned mileage. Still 10 miles down from my norm.

But I'm inspired to keep up my efforts to take public transportation and the Car-Free Challenge has helped me to do it!