Cycling... For a Change

I'm determined to remain 100% car-free this week, even if it means I'm going to have to get to the Napa Valley Inline Marathon by alternative means. Last year I car-pooled; this year, I'm going to get to the big skate... by bicycle!

The route to the campsite where I'll be staying Saturday night is about 47.5 miles. That would normally be a doable long-distance skate for me, but since I'd completely burn myself out skating that far a day before a race, and since I can't pack camping supplies on my back while skating, I'm determined to bike the distance. Slowly, so I'll have a little "gas left in the tank" for Sunday's competition.

The funny thing is that I rarely ride a bike anywhere. I'm embarassed to admit it, but I don't even own one! Luckily, my friend Brian is loaning me a road bike and twin saddlebags, so I should be able to pack my skates, clothes, food, and camping gear on a bike and pedal my way to Yountville in Napa.

In order to get used to riding a bike (it's hard on the quads!) I cycled all over today, including a trip to Jack London Square in Oakland and back home via the grocery store. Still no car or public transit miles, though it's BART and MUNI for me tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I just got hold of a new set of 110mm Atom wheels, just like the ones pictured here. They're hard as rocks, and you really feel the bumps in the road, but they're fast like a rocket! I'll endevour to make a quick "how to" video on inline skate maintenence and share it.

Keep on doing it car-free, people. We're halfway there, and I see too many car miles logged!


Biking 47.5 miles and then

Biking 47.5 miles and then skating a marathon? Wow!

You are a car-free rockstar! 

You are a car-free rockstar!  I'm in awe!