Emphasis on "challenge"

Los Angeles

The Car-Free Challenge is only one week - but when 3 of those 7 days are calendared for trips to SoCal, the word "challenge" becomes central to my goal of zero miles.  Let's take a look at what I've got planned:

  • June 1: Oakland.  Make sure my partner returns the rental car we're using for Memorial Day weekend.
  • June 2: Oakland, or maybe a train ride to Sacramento?
  • June 3: San Diego, for a climate change event (ah, the irony).
  • June 4: Los Angeles, for a transit-oriented development event that's actually near transit!
  • June 5: Oakland, thank gosh!
  • June 6: Oakland - with a likely excursion to Albany to help my bro-in-law move.
  • June 7: Los Angeles again, to train the new Southern CA organizer who will ultimately help me stop spending so much time on Southwest flights.

Good thing it's not the "airplane-free challenge" or I'd be hosed...but luckily, I know that Southern CA transit systems DO exist.  Last time I was in LA I took my boss for a ride on the bus.  This time, I invite you to follow me and learn all about my good pals LA Metro, San Diego MTS, MetroLink, and Amtrak.  I've never had to rent a car for work trips to LA or San Diego, and I sure as heck won't be starting during the Car-Free Challenge!

Final thought: is there a prize for most transit systems experienced in seven days?  I hope so.


This post made me laugh three

This post made me laugh three different times:

- "thank gosh!"

- "hosed"

- "is there a prize for most transit systems experienced in seven days?"

There certainly should be!

Good luck! Definitely does

Good luck! Definitely does seem like a challege, but I look forward to hearing about your adventures!

I'm headed to Orange County

I'm headed to Orange County this weekend to visit Rafael's family, and decided to just not count that whole trip (with the exception of any travel in the Bay Area to/from the airport) for the CFC because it's just so impossible. I would try it on my own, but hanging out with family it would burden them too much.