Going to the Theater in Style

Okay, so last night I was invited to go see The Tosca Project at ACT in San Francisco (yes, it's fabulous!)...so I live in Oakland...hop on BART get off at Powell Street Station, meet my friend at Puccini & Pinelli (how appropriate for a play that is in part based on Puccini's opera La Tosca!) walk up to the theater.  ENJOY PLAY.  Walk back to BART, zip under the bay, and a short door to door cab ride from there!

We just need to convince our politicans that this is the way all great world class cities function, and California's metropolitan cities should be no exception!

PS, I consider cabs public transportation after 10:00 pm at night!


Sounds like a great night,

Sounds like a great night, and so easy with public transportation - you don't even have to worry about parking!