A little change and I'm car free for another day!

So today my traditional routine would have been to walk to and from work and THEN....oops no food for dinner, so what would I do?  Hop in the ole' car and DRIVE to the supermarket, that is less than 1/2 mile from my home!!! (SILLY, HUH?)

But the car free challenge is on my mind!  So, with a small change; I walked to work, took the bus from work to the supermarket near home, did my shopping, and WALKED HOME!

Oh, it was such a simple solution and the bus stops right in front of my office and a block from the supermarket.  The walk home from the supermarket was less than the usual walk from the office to home, but, gee, I had a bundle of groceries in my arm.

CAR FREE AGAIN! and this was how things looked when I got home!


Lake Merritt at night

Lake Merritt at night




Nice work, Karen!  I'm

Nice work, Karen!  I'm pretty sure my local mom n' pop stor is LOVING the fact that I'm taking the Car-Free Challenge.  I'm giving them at least twice as much business as usual.