Ode to Transit

Here at SVBC we applaud those who incorporate transit in order to make bicycle commuting more feasible.  In the spirit of the bike/transit commute, I've composed an ode, celebrating my own trip to work

This morning on Route 23
You entered and sat next to me
Though seats abounded, I contend
You simply longed to make a friend

But as I turned to speak my name
You focused on a cell phone game
So there I sat – tried not to stare
While breathing disinfected air

All 'round me on the bus were those
Who, sitting in the tight blue rows
Had no concern for traffic, nor
The cost of fuel, though it did soar

For transit makes commute a breeze
We sit in air-conditioned ease
And wait to pull the corded bell,
Yell “Thank you”; wish the driver well

I did just that when my time came
As every morning, did the same
Gave thanks and asked my driver, Mike
“Please hold on while I grab my bike”


Hi, Colin, I just joined

Hi, Colin, I just joined the svbc transformca challenge. FYI, I take the 23 at least once a week. They rarely have room for my bike tho when I get on at bird & san carlos, so i take it when i'm not biking to work. Thanks for helping me join.

Hi Diane,  the 23 is both a

Hi Diane,  the 23 is both a blessing and a curse.  I pick it up at Alum Rock near the 680.  It's nearly empty there, but I have seen it at its most crowded when I catch it home from downtown.  Having just moved to the Bay Area, I can say that the transit system is better than most I've ridden. When it's too full, I sometimes take the opportunity to catch a side street and ride a few extra blocks.  Sometimes I cave and call my girlfriend for a ride home.  Just the fact that there are those of us that do our best to avoid unneccesary driving is cause for hope, though.  Keep pedalling and enjoy the ride! At the very least, we have fun and stay healthy.  Thank you for joining team SVBC!  Let's show them how it's done!

Well, I did it and joined.

Well, I did it and joined. Not sure how I will do this. Can't go car free the whole time due to some things scheduled before I knew about the challenge, and a week to be spent out of state, but aside from that I will do my best to stay out of my car.