Skating the Car-Free Challenge!

So my name's John Hamilton, and I'm looking forward to the Car-Free Challenge. Of course, it won't be much of a change of pace for me, since I'm already largely car-free. But for one week, I'll nix any City CarShare rentals or taxi cabs, and rely solely on my inline skates to get about town, along with the odd BART, MUNI or AC Transit ride.

I'm not a cyclist--I'm an inline skater. I have a beat-up set of 3-point Bont Vaypor speed skates, mounted to a 13.2" 4x110mm frame. These aren't your grandma's "rollerblades." They're super speedy, and when I'm not chasing down bikes on a ride up to Grizzly Peak or across the back of Mt. Diablo, I'm zooming around the East Bay, commuting to work, running errands, or grabbing whatever groceries I can haul in a backpack.

I'm also a filmmaker, with a focus on transit issues and livable cities. Check out some of my work at I hope to provide some video blog updates throughout the week. And near the end of the challenge, I'll rack up some additonal miles at the Napa Valley Inline Marathon.

Have a great week, and keep it car free!


Do you wear your skates while

Do you wear your skates while you film? I loved how you followed the bicyclists as you interviewed them!