When Transit Fails

The bus didn't come.  Or rather, a colleague and I arrived at the bus stop 10 minutes early but I had dropped my jacket - with bus pass in the pocket - somewhere along the way.  I ran back to find it, and six minutes later I returned to the bus stop.  In that six minutes, TWO buses came by and we missed them.  And then, there were no buses for a long time.

At the last moment, a friendly colleague stopped to offer a ride.  Otherwise, we would have missed the train from San Diego to LA.

With carpool (3 people in vehicle) it only counts for 0.6 miles in a car.  But, my goal was zero.  I am annoyed.  Why, San Diego Transit?  Why did your buses bunch up?  Why did they come early?  This is keeping me up past my bedtime.  Grrr.

Happier blog posting tomorrow, with photos of four TransFormers on the bus in San Diego and a description of all the many transit systems I experienced in one day (please note ridiculous transit mileage at left, up form 20 miles as of yesterday).


Can you email me the bus

Can you email me the bus route, the stop and time? Was it an MTS bus? I would love to help you continue your goal!