The Race is On: Who Will Implement Optimized HOT First?

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Traffic on Highway 101
Just five months since we released our Innovation Required report, Tr

CA Sen. Steinberg Proposes New Spending Plan for Cap-and-Trade Revenue

published in Streetsblog LA, April 14, 2014

Senator Darrell Steinberg’s new proposed spending plan for CA cap-and-trade revenue.

“While there is work to be done in the weeks ahead, and some aspects of the proposal need improvement, Senator Steinberg has made a clear commitment to provide a much needed boost in funding to meet both California’s growing demand for real transportation and housing choices while meeting our greenhouse gas reduction targets,” wrote TransForm’s Ryan Wiggins in a blog post.

Steinberg's cap-and-trade plan would fund transit, affordable homes, bike/ped, and high-speed rail

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Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg

Throughout California, many regions have passed Sustainable Communities Strategies to promote transportation choices, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to strong, sustainable economic


Bus Rapid Transit breaks ground in San Jose

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Bus Rapid Transit project brings together community in the South Bay.
Seven-mile transit corridor, years in the making, will cut travel times and improve quality of life in the most transit-dependent area of Silicon Valley.

What a late-night meeting taught me about how parking concerns can block good development

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TransForm Board Member and Oakland resident Jame Ervin attends a planning commis

TransForm Board Member and Oakland resident Jame Ervin attends a planning commission meeting and hears the usual complaints: “We need more parking,” and “The project shouldn’t be so big because


40 Under 40: Ann Cheng, GreenTRIP Program Director

published in San Francisco Business Times, March 21, 2014

What your company does: TransForm unites transportation and community planning, environmental and public health, and social justice to create sustainable communities.

Ann Cheng, Program Director for TransForm's GreenTRIP program, talks about her career.

Rock Star or Comedian? Donald Shoup Takes his Parking Show to Berkeley

published in Streetsblog LA, March 20, 2014


TransForm has taken Shoup’s work to heart, using the principles he proposes as a basis for their GreenTRIP program that seeks to convince cities to allow housing developers to replace overbuilt, expensive parking with alternatives like car share, bike parking, and transit passes.

Caltrans has a new Mission - here’s what we have to say about it.

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To the relief of those who care about the people of California, and the future of the planet, Caltrans has a dramatically new mission.

Silicon Valley more car addicted than L.A., year after year

published in Silicon Valley Business Journal, March 17, 2014

Jeff Hobson, deputy director for public-transit advocacy group TransForm, points to Santa Clara’s large office parks with free parking as one factor contributing to the high car-usage numbers. This contrasts with costly and hard-to-find parking in San Francisco, a work destination for many Alameda and San Mateo residents.

Caltrans on the Hot Seat: Assembly Looks at State, Local Planning Tensions

published in LA StreetsBlog, March 5, 2014

It was the California State Assembly’s turn to revie

TransForm Executive Director Stuart Cohen urged the Assembly to push Caltrans to move forward on one of SSTI’s most immediately-achievable steps...”When Caltrans first put in place this requirement that cities and states follow its Highway Design Manual’s guidance on bicycle design, it made sense,” he said. “There wasn’t good practice on rearranging intersections and how to design bike lanes. We needed a standard statewide approach.”

Q & A with "San Francisco 40 Under 40" winner, Ann Cheng.

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GreenTRIP Program Director Ann Cheng enjoying Denver's bike share program.

Most people don’t serve as Mayor, win the U.S.


Professor Donald Shoup inspires me in 5 ways

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Professor Donald Shoup paying for parking.

I’m not an urban planner. Nor am I a transportation aficionado.


Optimized HOT lanes catch on in San Mateo County

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Gridlock traffic in San Mateo County is a problem that won’t just solve itself. But hope for an escape from congestion is on the horizon.


Who should pay for BART's Oakland Airport Connector?

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BART's Oakland Airport Connector is slated to finish construction this fall.

How do we make sure BART’s Oakland Airport Connector doesn’t hurt everyday riders?


5 urban planning challenges for downtown Oakland

published in Oakland Local, February 11, 2014

“Oakland is still in a position where the powers that be remember an Oakland that was really struggling in the 70s and 80s, when we saw all that disinvestment in Oakland,” said Joel Ramos, regional planning director for TransForm. He noted that Oakland had tried and failed six years ago to pass an inclusionary housing ordinance that would have levied a fee on developers of market rate units to help fund affordable housing. “There was this concern that Oakland needs to do whatever it can to attract investment.”

Report calls for radical reform of Caltrans

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A new report calls for dramatic changes to Caltrans

A new and improved Caltrans may be on the horizon.


More BART trains, or better service? TransForm says both.

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Regular BART riders know our regional transit system sorely needs an extreme makeover.


Gov’s Report to Caltrans: Get Out of the Way of Protected Bike Lanes

published in Streetsblog SF, January 31, 2014

Caltrans needs to stop focusing so much on moving cars and let cit

Stuart Cohen, TransForm’s executive director and a member of Secretary Kelly’s CA Transportation Infrastructure Priorities workgroup, said that “this is not the first report slamming Caltrans” but that the critical difference comes from the ”tremendous leadership” of Governor Brown and Kelly, who commissioned the review.

CA: Second Annual Let's Get Moving Silicon Valley Seeks Public Participation in Fostering Healthy Communities and Greater Transportation Choices

published in Mass Transit Mag, January 27, 2014

Although it is the world center of innovation, Silicon Valley struggles to provide healthy communities and quality transportation choices for its residents and workforce. To address those issues, TransForm’s Silicon Valley Transportation Summit, Let’s Get Moving, is set for 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Feb. 22, at Avenidas Senior Center in Palo Alto, Calif.

Governor's new budget makes transportation and environment priorities

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Last week Governor Brown released his initial budget proposal including a plan to invest $850 million in cap-and-trade greenhouse gas auction proceeds.  

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