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On Wednesday, February 26, 2014 MTC approved the list of Cycle V projects recommended by the SR2T Advisory Committee. Project sponsors will be contacted shortly.

The Safe Routes to Transit (SR2T) Program awards $20 million in grants to facilitate walking and bicycling to regional transit. The program is funded by Regional Measure 2, and is administered by TransForm and the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. By improving the safety and convenience of biking and walking to regional transit, SR2T will give commuters the opportunity to leave their cars at home, and reduce congestion on Bay Area bridges. Learn about the creation of SR2T.

Bicycling and walking are cost-effective and sustainable ways to reach regional transit stations, yet many commuters cite safety as the main reason they drive instead. Safe Routes to Transit (SR2T) promotes bicycling and walking to transit stations by funding projects and plans that make non-motorized feeder trips easier, faster, and safer. Improvements in the safety and convenience of bicycling and walking to regional transit gives commuters the opportunity to leave their cars at home.

To date, approximately $20 million has been awarded to over 50 capital and planning projects.

SR2T funds may be used for:

  • Secure bicycle storage at transit stations/stops/pods
  • Safety enhancements for ped/bike station access to transit stations/stops/pods
  • Removal of ped/bike barriers near transit stations
  • System-wide transit enhancements to accommodate bicyclists or pedestrians

The final funding cycle will occur in 2013.  Frequently asked questions are answered here.

Information for Safe Routes to Transit grantees is available here.


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The program is run by staff members from TransForm and the East Bay Bicycle Coalition:

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