Cap-and-Transit Map

Communities throughout California are clamoring for real transportation choices to revive the economy, improve public health, and protect the environment. Our interactive map of innovative "cap-and transit" opportunities will show the statewide demand for resources to address California's transportation crisis - a demand that can be met through smart allocation of cap-and-trade auction revenues.

This month, the California Air Resources Board is holding cap-and-trade workshops around the state to hear from the public where to invest revenues from the state’s landmark greenhouse gas cap-and-trade auction. This new funding source offers an incredible opportunity to expand funding for transportation choices for California communities.  We need your help to show our leaders where communities are planning innovative transportation projects and programs to expand transit ridership, increase biking and walking, and ensuring affordable, accessible housing.

Anyone can add projects and programs to the map with just a few clicks.  Can you help us by adding a project to the map now?  Click here to get started.

Click on the markers to view the projects. Click on the project titles for more information.

Here’s how to add your own project:

  1. Click on on of the links below to add a transit project, bike project or pedestrian project
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  2. Enter the title of your project under "Title."
  3. Add a description of your project in the project info section.
    1. You can add links using the   icon.
    2. You can add pictures using the image upload field (must be 200px x 75px or smaller).
  4. Use either the address fields or click a point on the map to add a location.
  5. Click "save"
  6. Projects may take 5-10 minutes to appear on the map!

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