Car-Free Challenge 2011

Total 2010 Participant Mileage:

  • 1087.7
  • 2020.2
  • 3152.1
  • 8551.2

We’re taking a year off from running our full-blown Car-Free Challenge in 2011 (you can explore this part of our website to see what 2010 was like).

In 2011, the Car-Free Challenge will take the form of two fun events:

  • Car-Free Triple Threat on June 18, a public transportation-bicycle combination adventure.  You can ride or volunteer.
  • Car-Free Celebration TransForum on July 21, 2011 in San Francisco. We’ll hear from a panel of fascinating speakers who have gone to great lengths to go car-free, recognize some car-free heroes, and swap stories over wine and snacks. RSVP now!

See the 2010 Challenge Prize Winners Here and Read on for More on the 2010 Challenge

One Week, One Goal: A California and Nation with Real Transportation Choices (Besides Just Cars)

Whether you cut back your driving or you’re already car-free, be part of a critical mass of Californians (out-of-staters are welcome, too!) who want better walking, biking, and public transportation options by taking the Car-Free Challenge!

Between oil spills and climate change, now is the time to show our leaders that things like better sidewalks, more bike lanes, and frequent and affordable public transportation are part of the solution.

The Car-Free Challenge is a fun and powerful way for you to help create a California where getting around without a car isn’t such a challenge.    

What's the Car-Free Challenge? It's a weeklong event from June 1-7 where a community of people from around California set and reach a personal low car mileage goal. It raises awareness of the need for better walking, biking, and public transportation options.  lt also yields data, stories, and critical funds for TransForm, an award-winning nonprofit, to use in advocating for world-class public transportation and walkable communities at the regional, state, and federal levels.

How does the Challenge work?  Once you register, you'll set up your Challenge page. That's where you'll set your car mileage goal and log your miles (in a car and on foot, bicycle, and public transportation). You can also post stories and photos from your adventures. And if you get friends and family to sponsor you (which is optional), you'll be eligible for even more prizes! Get more details on how it works.

Tell your story, challenge yourself, inspire others… and challenge our leaders to do more to increase options everywhere for walking, biking, and public transportation.

Already car-free?  We need you, too!

Questions about the Car-Free Challenge? Contact Marta.