2010 Prize Winners

Top Fundraisers

#1: Fabian Favila

#2: Wayne Kirchoffer

#3: The Moore Family

Runner Up: Stefan Pelligini

Runner Up: Karen Parolek

Most Supporters

#1: Fabian Favila

#2: Wayne Kirchoffer

Tied for #3: The Moore Family and Sara Billing

Best Photo

#1: Angela Armendariz for Out to Eat

#2: Amanda Brown-Stevens for Running to the Bus Stop!

#3: Andrea Broaddus for Do not commandeer my velo, please

Runner Up: Anuj Purwar for Photo with my favorite cyclist

Runner Up: Jennifer Webber for Car Free Bikes & Shoes

Funniest Story

#1: Karen Smulevitz for Zero Eggroll Miles

#2: Sara Billing for Day 5

#3: Stephanie Reyes for My O.C. for the O.C.

Runner Up: Tanya Narath for Keeping my car in his place

Runner Up: Mark Solomon for Overheard on BART this morning...

Most Touching Story

#1: Andrew Casteel for "Mr. Casteel, Why do you ride a bike?"

#2: Leila Bengali for Oh, the things you learn when not driving

#3: Kumar Chandran for Another reason to do the car-free challenge: photos from the Gulf

Runner Up: Andrea Osgood for Unexpected discoveries

Runner Up: Rebecca Saltzman for Sweet bus stories

Most Extreme Story of Avoiding a Car

#1: John Hamilton for From Berkeley to Napa by Bicycle, A Skate Marathon, and a Fall From Car-Free Grace

#2: Paige Brown for This morning's dilemma ...?

#3: Karen Parolek for "Challenge" lives up to its name

Runner Up: Amber Evans for Greatest Car Free Challenge: biking with a cake, a pinata, or a trombone? or BART?

Runner Up: Carrie Harvilla for Starting the Car Free Challenge a little early

Greatest Number of Miles on Foot or Wheelchair

#1 Wayne Kirchoffer

#2 Mayor Bates

#3 Karen Smulevitz

Greatest Number of Miles on Bicycle or Other Non-Motorized Wheeled Vehicles (Skates, etc.)

#1: Ed Buonaccorsi

#2: George Lane

#3:Thomas Savarino

Greatest Number of Miles on Public Transportation

#1: Fabian Favila

#2: Wayne Kirchoffer

#3: Ginny Neely

Most Years Living Car-Free

Wayne Kirchoffer – 25 years

Is Giving Up Car Permanently After the Challenge

Steven Huang

Winners of Special Prize Drawings During the Challenge

Tanya Narath

Wayne Kirchoffer

Jennifer Webber

Steven Huang

Sara Billing

Karen Parolek

Jean Fraser

George Lane

Vivien Chen

Joan Edelstein