Already Car-Free? We Need You, Too!

There are so many reasons to take the Car-Free Challenge if you're already living car-free!

  • Tell your story: this is your chance to share with people (friends, family, strangers) why your lifestyle choice is great.
  • Serve as a role model: you will show others what's possible as they try to drive less for the first time. 
  • Show the ropes of being car-free: your experiences, tips, and tricks can be invaluable to someone trying to drive less.
  • Meet like-minded people: the Challenge is a great way to connect both online and in-person with others who have made the same lifestyle choice.
  • Send a message from the masses: the more participants we have, the more we can say to our leaders, "Look at all these people who want better options for walking, biking and public transportation so they can drive less!"
  • Keep the overall average mileage of Challengers as low as possible: we will be measuring the total amount of emissions those taking the Challenge together keep out of the atmosphere.  We'll then use these results to show decisionmakers how we can dramatically reduce emissions if we have more walking, biking, and public transportation options in more places.  You'll help us have an even lower and more impressive average!