Today's Featured Challengers & Blog Posts

With the end of the Challenge approaching and over 165 Challengers from all over California (and a few out-of-state Challengers as well), we wanted to let you know what a huge positive impact you're having on the environment.

Reason of the day to drive less (this one is pretty obvious): it's good for the environment. Whether you are using zero emissions modes like walking or biking, or reducing your emissions by carpooling or taking public transportation, we are already estimating that Car-Free Challengers will together prevent almost 50,000 pounds of carbon from entering the air! Future generations (and the polar bears) thank you from the bottom of their hearts!

If you ride BART, their online trip planner displays how much CO2 you did not put into the air by riding BART instead of driving. According to the BART website, I have saved over 550 pounds of CO2 from being released into the air in just three weeks. Last week, Shannon T. included a few websites with carbon calculators in her blog; check it out.

Want more cool sites like these? Check out our resource page.

Upcoming Car-Free Challenger Gatherings:

Wednesday 6/24 South Bay happy hour 5-7pm at the Tied House Café & Brewery in Mountain View. Join us for a casual Challenger gathering, hosted by Carlos B.

Your daily dose of inspiring posts and quotes from the Challenger community:

  • "It's great being car-free so far (for the most part.) It's easy to be independent and self-reliant, I've met really interesting people, and I think it's great that TransForm provided the format for people to realize how their lives don't have to be very different without a car." - Sarah R.
  • "Because we were all on public transit, we got a chance meeting in our public square. This is one of the things I love about public transit: it creates social capital and knits our communities together more strongly." - Seashore Hobson Family