The End of Automobile Dependence: Webinar with Peter Newman

Feb 8


5:00 pm


We are experiencing the phenomenon of peak car use in many global cities at the same time that urban rail is thriving, central cities are revitalizing, and suburban sprawl is reversing. How can practitioners, public officials, and concerned citizens capitalize on this transformation? What measures must be taken to ensure that multi-modal transportation improves the quality of human and natural life? 

On February 8 join Island Press for an online discussion with global transportation expert Peter Newman. Chris Lepe, TransForm's Senior Community Planner, Silicon Valley, moderates. Peter will discuss how to accelerate a planning approach to designing urban environments that can function reliably and conveniently on alternative modes, with automobiles playing a reduced and manageable role in urban transportation. The discussion will focus on Peter’s new book, The End of Automobile Dependence, and how its messages can be applied to real world transportation problems. 

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Thanks to the webinar co-sponsors: Island Press, SPUR, Transportation and Land Development Committee, Transportation Research Board, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, APA Nor Cal Sustainability Committee, and TransForm. 

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