San Diego Housing Federation Conference

Oct 15 to Oct 16


8:00 am to 5:00 pm

The San Diego Housing Federation’s 23rd Annual Affordable Housing and Community Development Conference brings together hundreds of top leaders and experts in affordable housing and community development.

TransForm Executive Director Stuart Cohen will speak on a panel titled "Cap-and-Trade 2014 - What's Next?" to discuss the creation of the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program, and how we can continue to make the case for affordable homes as a greenhouse gas reduction strategy. 

The event draws nearly 350 attendees each year from the 35 affordable housing developers, the local housing and redevelopment agencies, elected official staff, homeless and mental health service agencies and others involved in creating affordable homes in San Diego County. The 2014 event will focus on the connection between affordable housing and health, including the impacts that lack of affordable housing has on public health, the role that supportive housing can play in promoting health, and the potential of affordable housing to promote healthy communities. 

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