Streetsblog San Francisco’s 10th Birthday Party

Sep 10


6:00 pm

Streetsblog San Francisco launched in 2009, over a decade ago. To celebrate their anniversary, they are throwing a party on September 10, from 6-9 p.m. at Manny’s in the Mission. All three editors past and present: Bryan Goebel, Aaron Bialick and Roger Rudick will be in attendance as well as writers, volunteers, and board members from across the Bay Area. In addition, we’ll be honoring some of the leaders in promoting active transportation, social justice and modern urban design that we’ve had the privilege of covering. Including:

Michael Crehan

Tom Radulovic 

Rebecca Saltzman

For information on how to sponsor this event, appearing in the program and being listed as a sponsor on printed and web materials, please click here

If you’d like to join us but are not interested in being a sponsor, you can reserve your ticket here

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