Bay Area Health in Transportation Collaborative (BAHT)

A regional effort to create healthier communities through better transportation decisions.

Our Transportation Shapes Our Health

Decades of urban planning that has focused principally on moving cars is directly contributing to some of our greatest health challenges, including asthma, obesity, and of course, traffic fatalities.  Low-income communities and communities of color suffer disproportionately from these health challenges.

That’s why TransForm and the Safe Routes to Schools National Partnership launched the Bay Area Health in Transportation Collaborative (BAHT) in 2012.

The goal of BAHT is to make health a core criterion in regional decision-making.  We want the Bay Area’s transportation and land use decisions to support active living, clean air, and safe streets for people of every age and ability. 

Join the Collaborative to Learn About and Help Win Changes in the Bay Area

The Bay Area Health in Transportation Collaborative (BAHT) brings together advocates, community members, health professionals, and planning experts from across the Bay Area for one-hour online learning and strategy meetings.  All are welcome to participate!

The meetings are a great way to find out what’s happening on the ground with these issues, to learn about best practices, and to strategize to achieve greater wins for health in the Bay Area. 

To join us for the next online meeting, register here.

Past Topics Include:

  • Complete Streets policies that ensure streets are designed for safe use by all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders of all ages

  • How public health departments are advancing pedestrian safety

  • How county funding measures can support healthy transportation

  • Safe Routes to School best practices that encourage children and parents to use alternatives to driving to get to school

Get Involved

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For more information, contact Chris Lepe, TransForm or Marty Martinez, Safe Routes to School National Partnership.