Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects in the East Bay and South Bay can start a public transportation revolution.

What is Bus Rapid Transit?

In too many places, bus service is slow and unreliable.  Buses are bogged down in traffic, with schedules that are almost impossible to maintain. 

Bus riders have to build extra time into their day to make sure they get where they’re going on time or are late to work or school.  For those who might leave their car at home and opt for the bus, driving is often what they choose.

That’s where Bus Rapid Transit comes in.  Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is revolutionizing bus service around the world.  With bus-only lanes, timed traffic lights, state-of-the-art buses, and rail-like stations, BRT is bringing dramatically better service to bus riders at a fraction of the cost of rail projects. 

BRT also typically attracts huge numbers of new riders, creates more pedestrian-friendly streets, and supports local economic growth. 

Bringing Bus Rapid Transit to Life in the Bay Area

TransForm is leading campaigns to start a public transportation revolution.  BRT is one of the ways we can start making the Bay Area a “transit-first” region.

TransForm has been engaging communities in the planning of BRT projects in the East Bay and in Santa Clara County. We want to be sure BRT achieves its potential for improving transportation for transit riders plus builds stronger communities without displacement of existing residents and businesses.

In 2017, the first BRT line in Northern California came to San Jose. In 2018, BRT will be running along International Boulevard in Oakland.

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