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California is a global leader in the fight against climate change

California is establishing itself as a global leader in the fight against climate change, creating jobs, improving public health, and building a dynamic, sustainable economy along the way.

Our state is making good on its commitment to invest billions of dollars in reducing climate pollution. These investments that will create affordable, energy efficient homes, provide reliable and frequent public transportation, and build safe sidewalks and bike lanes that connect us to work, school, parks, and nature.

The centerpiece of this success is the state’s landmark cap-and-trade system. Cap-and-trade is projected to generate billions of dollars over the coming years that will be invested in transportation, housing, and sustainable communities.

To achieve our goals on both equity and climate, TransForm is collaborating with our partners in the Sustainable Communities for All Coalition and other allies throughout the state. Together we are ensuring that investments funded by cap-and-trade reduce greenhouse gas emissions and benefit all Californians, especially low-income and disadvantaged communities most impacted by the harmful effects of climate change.

Strengthening California's Climate Protection Efforts
The key legislation we’re following, and need your help supporting, to strengthen the positive impact of our state’s climate program.



How the Funding Works
Learn about the five key programs we are concentrating on to leverage cap-and-trade proceeds for greenhouse gases and sustainable communities.



What are the Benefits?
Use the Climate Benefits for California mapping tool to show how investments from California’s cap-and-trade program are improving people’s lives across the state.



Sustainable Communities for All
Meet the organizations of the SC4A Coalition who are working together to bring change to California’s low-income and disadvantaged communities.



Research and Resources
Read the latest reports on cap-and-trade's impacts and benefits, find opportunities to get involved, and who to contact for more information.