GreenTRIP is setting a new standard for how our cities grow, and how we thrive in them.

There Aren’t Enough Homes Near Transit – and There’s a Reason

We all want to live in vibrant communities where we can easily walk and take public transportation to where we need to go. Cities also want these things, to make our cost of living affordable, attract businesses, reduce traffic and climate pollution, and protect open space.

Yet outdated city codes often stand in the way. Burdened by these codes, cities and developers are forced to build large, expensive parking lots that drive up the price of homes and reduce the number of homes that can be built. These developments result in poorly planned cities that are neither affordable nor walkable, and cause community outcry over parking and traffic concerns. If we have to spend millions of dollars on parking, we have little funding –or space- for the things that make our community great.

GreenTRIP is Changing the Paradigm for New Development

TransForm launched our innovative GreenTRIP certification program in 2008 with the goal of making our growing communities healthier and more affordable places to live, work, and get around. We achieve this by systematically addressing the barriers that prevent great development projects from being the standard. 

GreenTRIP staff work with cities, developers, and your community to design projects that prioritize people over parking, and incentivize alternatives to driving. Our research shows that GreenTRIP strategies save residents money, increase transit ridership, reduce pollution, and make streets safer for everyone. 

GreenTRIP started in the Bay Area but is building partnerships, conducting vigorous research, and expanding its scope to strengthen the affordability, diversity, and vibrancy of regions throughout California. Read on to learn how.

 GreenTRIP Certification 

GreenTRIP certification shapes and builds support for great development projects by providing a range of tools to developers, cities, and community advocates. GreenTRIP has certified more than 17 projects and this number is quickly growing. 

GreenTRIP Parking Database and Research

GreenTRIP’s groundbreaking research helps get to the root of the parking problem by quantifying the benefits of traffic reduction strategies and building affordable homes. Our new Parking Database provides critical data that helps cities, developers, and communities make smarter decisions about parking and transportation requirements for new residential development. 

GreenTRIP Connect

GreenTRIP Connect is an online tool that will allow city officials, developers, and community members to instantly see the traffic, health, and economic benefits of implementing GreenTRIP strategies in their communities. With a matching grant offer from the Knight Foundation, we are currently seeking funds by May 2015 to develop the tool in 2015 and launch by 2016.

GreenTRIP Benefits and Stories

GreenTRIP’s programs transform our growing cities into healthier, cleaner, and more affordable places to live. This positively impact families, commuters, city leaders, transit agencies, transportation innovators, developers, and our environment. 

 About GreenTRIP

GreenTRIP’s team and advisory committee represent a diverse variety of influential changemakers. Learn more about our team, read our resources and reports, check out upcoming events, and sign up to stay involved.