GreenTRIP Certification

Helping to create and support outstanding low traffic residential and mixed-use developments.

TransForm launched GreenTRIP certification in 2008 with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and Bay Area Air Quality Management District. GreenTRIP certifies residential projects that apply strategies to reduce vehicle trips, excessive parking and greenhouse gases, while making transportation more affordable. 

GreenTRIP first helps developers identify effective strategies such as free transit passes for all residents, providing access to car sharing, and “unbundling” the price of parking from rent, so those who give up a vehicle can save even more.  GreenTRIP staff gather data and conduct transportation modeling to show how a project can dramatically reduce the amount of parking.  This creates both the actual space and financial capacity to provide community benefits onsite, whether it’s a cafe, green space, a childcare center, or more affordable units. 

Second, clear communications materials are distributed that show how this GreenTRIP-certified building would reduce local car trips, overall driving and greenhouse gases. 

In its first five pilot projects alone, GreenTRIP was able to obtain commitments for 80,000 years of new transit passes, 24,000 years of CarShare memberships, and space for hundreds of new homes (see brochure of GreenTRIP impacts). 

GreenTRIP Certification also reduces transportation and living costs for residents, makes walking and biking safer for neighbors and families, and helps preserve precious open space in a vibrant urban environment.  

When developers work with GreenTRIP, exceptional things happen: communities are empowered to support better development where they live, decision-makers approve better projects, our cities become more affordable and connected. 

As of this year, GreenTRIP has two new certification types: Zero Parking and Platinum certification that rewards developments with cutting-edge strategies such as funding bikesharing pods or memberships for residents.  

GreenTRIP Certifications are currently just in the Bay area, but GreenTRIP staff are now providing consulting support statewide to design projects, especially affordable homes, that further reduce greenhouse gases and are more competitive for grant programs, such as AHSC.

To learn more, read our two-page summary of "What is GreenTRIP?" and review this step-by-step GreenTRIP Certification "How-to Guide."

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