Salesforce Consultant

10-15 hours/month


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TransForm is seeking an experienced Salesforce administrator to provide ongoing guidance, support, and optimization for our Salesforce instance and related integrations. The initial term for this contract is September to December 2017, with the possibility of long-term renewal in 2018. The contract manager and main point of contact will be the Communications Director. The maximum budget for this contract period is $10,000.


TransForm has been using Salesforce since 2008, with a series of non-expert staff administrators with additional internal responsibilities in communications and/or development. By hiring an experienced Salesforce professional to help manage our instance for the first time, we hope to take our use of Salesforce and integrated apps to a higher level. Our instance is in fairly good shape, but problems do crop up that we lack the in-house expertise and capacity to address.


The Salesforce consultant will be available for roughly 10-20 hours per month to provide general guidance and implementation support as challenges and opportunities arise. The work will be a combination of project and task management, training and documentation, troubleshooting, and optimization.

Investigating and correcting problems and irregularities. This could include the following, and/or other problems that arise:

  • Addresses on some contacts are mixed up, and we can’t figure out why. Like when there are two addresses for a contact, Salesforce will sometimes create a hybrid junk address with elements of both. Other times the system will revert to an old address that was previously deleted from a contact or household.
  • Irregularities and duplication with tracking recurring monthly donations and matching donations
  • Recent opportunities are sometimes not appearing in the associated contact record.

Manage and advise on best use of customizations and various integrated apps.

Priorities for 2017:

  • We currently use Predictive Response for mass email, and find it very cumbersome to track and manage users’ subscription preferences. We are looking for a consultant who can help us evaluate our current use case, improve upon it, and possibly oversee a conversion to a better email platform.
  • Investigate and set up Eventbrite integration so that we can update existing contacts with new opportunities based on Eventbrite ticket sales.

Secondary priorities, maybe for 2018:

  • Advise on potential switch to new advocacy app for website and Salesforce. We currently use Salsa/Democracy in Action but are interested in alternatives that could support text and phone-in campaigns.
  • Evaluate current use of all customizations and integrated apps and features to help us streamline and clean up obsolete or inactive apps.

Project management and training

  • Develop and maintain a transparent and collaborative system for task management, with a system to regularly communicate about relative priorities and ongoing projects.
  • Update and improve Salesforce manuals and documentation as needed.
  • Provide training to staff as needed. During initial contract period probably just informally to heavy Salesforce users. An extended 2018 contract could include more formal training to other staff if needed.


  • At least 3-5 years of experience as a Salesforce administrator, with relevant certification(s)
  • Experience using Salesforce to drive engagement and fundraising in a nonprofit context. We use the Nonprofit Starter Pack and Household Account Model.
  • Fluency or familiarity with the apps and integrations we use most often:
    • Predictive Response
    • Soapbox
    • Salsa/Democracy in Action
    • Donor Search
    • Eventbrite
  • Fluency or familiarity with alternative email and advocacy platforms (i.e. competitors to Predictive Response and Salsa)
  • A direct, communicative and collaborative approach, with excellent time management skills
  • An understanding of and commitment to our values of fairness, collaboration, and respect.


Please send a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and qualifications, resume, proposed budget or rate for this contract, and three references to Edie Irons, Communications Director, at with the subject line "Salesforce Consultant Inquiry". We will begin reviewing applications immediately and intend to conduct interviews as early as the week of August 21. Review of applications will be on a rolling basis until the position is filled.