Shared Mobility

Image: A young woman rides a Ford Go Bike in East Oakland. Photo Pamela Palma Photography
New shared mobility choices shouldn't leave people behind.

We believe that shared mobility and tech-enabled innovations can be a critical tool in increasing transportation choices, but only if they are leveraged to serve every community – especially people with disabilities, low-income residents, and communities of color that have all too often been excluded from safe and reliable transportation networks.  

Our goal is to see people of all incomes, backgrounds, neighborhoods, and abilities benefiting from new mobility solutions. That’s why we are partnering with local leaders, the private sector, and grassroots organizations to bridge the gap and connect people with shared mobility options to help them get around. Through projects like Oakland Shared Mobility for All, and Just Transit SF (which provides incentives and information to promote transit use in San Francisco), TransForm is working to create new models that promote equity and reduce carbon pollution. 

We are also weighing in on state legislation and guidelines to bring the benefits of shared mobility to all corners of California. 

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