Strengthening California's Climate Protection Efforts

Photo credit: Michael Filippoff
2016 is the year of opportunity for California

2016 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for California to continue fighting climate change by investing in sustainable communities and transportation. 

As we approach 2020, we are well on our way to meeting – and even exceeding - the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets set by AB 32. The Governor, his administration, and the state legislature will also have additional opportunities to extend AB 32 and cap-and-trade. If our state leaders capitalize on these opportunities, it will ensure that we have the aggressive policies and investment needed to transform our transportation system and create more sustainable, healthy, and affordable communities throughout the state.

TransForm and our partners in the Sustainable Communities for All Coalition will continue our working advocating for billions of dollars from the state’s landmark cap-and-trade program to be invested in expanding public transit, increasing biking and walking infastructure, building more affordable homes near transit, and preserving parks and open space.

Key efforts TransForm will support

  • Extend AB 32 and cap-and-trade: TransForm will continue to support efforts in the legislature to extend AB 32 and cap-and-trade in 2016. In the absence of legislative approval, Governor Brown's administration is working under Executive Orders S-3-05 and B-30-15 to extend California's efforts to reduce GHGs by setting targets to reduce emissions by 40% and 80% by 2030 and 2050, respectively. This includes extending cap-and-trade beyond 2020 as a key mechanism for reducing GHGs and investing billions of dollars in sustainable communities.
  • Strengthening, implementing, and monitoring of cap-and-trade investment programs: TransForm will continue to work with our partners to ensure that the billions of dollars in cap-and-trade proceeds are invested in projects that spur long-term emission reductions and the adoption of climate-friendly policies throughout the state. You can learn more about our priority programs here. Additionally, we will continue to monitor and report on these investments on our site.

Learn more

To get more involved in supporting these bills or our work implementing the state’s investment plan for cap-and-trade proceeds contact Shannon Tracey.