Sustainable Communities for All (SC4A)

Photo Credit: Brandon Matthews

The Sustainable Communities for All (SC4A) Coalition is led by ten organizations from the transportation, housing, conservation, public health, and economic sectors.  Since 2012, SC4A has been committed to ensuring that cap-and-trade proceeds are invested in providing Californians with the transportation and housing choices we need to protect our climate, grow a strong sustainable economy, and save households money.

Investments that help create walkable communities with world-class public transportation, affordable homes, and vibrant green space are critical to reach these goals and provide economic opportunity for our low-income and disadvantaged communities that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Meet our diverse Steering Committee members:

Strengthening California’s climate protection efforts 

The key legislation we’re following, and need your help supporting, to strengthen the positive impact of our state’s climate program.

How the funding works 

Learn about the five key programs we are concentrating on to leverage cap-and-trade proceeds for greenhouse gases and sustainable communities.

What are the benefits? 

Use the Climate Benefits for California mapping tool to see how investments from California’s cap-and-trade program are improving people’s lives across the state.

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