Transportation Equity Summit

Bringing together advocates from across California to learn, connect, strategize, and win change.

Our Leaders Must Make Transportation Choices a Priority

California, the birthplace of America’s car culture, can embrace a different future: one where all residents can live in wonderful places with safe, abundant options besides a car to get where they need to go.

TransForm is building a statewide movement so our leaders prioritize making this vision a reality, and our annual Transportation Equity Summit in Sacramento is a big part of this.  

About the Summit

The daylong Summit brings together advocates and leaders from across the state from every issue area: public health, bicycle and pedestrian, social justice, affordable housing, disability rights, labor, transit and more.  At the Summit, legislative leaders and expert panels present on a range of topics, plus attendees break into groups based on geography and issue areas to discuss strategy. 

About the Advocacy Day

The day after the Summit, we host an optional Advocacy Day at the State Capitol.  In groups, we visit every California legislators’ office and the Governor to discuss state policy and legislation in support of more transportation choices.  

Whether you’re new to these issues or a longtime advocate, join TransForm and our allies in Sacramento to learn, connect, strategize, and win change!  

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