What are the benefits?

Photo Credit: Brandon Matthews
Climate Benefits for California: Putting cap-and-trade investments on the map

Faster, more frequent transit service. Homes people can afford, in places they want to live. Water efficiency that saves money, energy, and reduces the impact of our drought. Increased protection of our state forests.  And this is just the beginning.

California’s climate program has created a huge source of funding for the California Climate Investments Program (CCIP). Now, state agencies, nonprofits, and organizations are starting to invest this money in projects that will improve the mobility, health, economic status, and quality of life of our communities – especially those that have been disproportionately harmed by the effects of climate change.

But these projects and their impacts aren’t necessarily easy to see or search for - until now.

Putting California's climate investments on the map

That’s why we created Climate Benefits for California, a searchable online map that shows every investment funded by cap-and-trade. You will be able to see what projects are funded and how they’re helping California’s communities be more sustainable, healthy, and fair.

The map also tells the stories of the people and communities who are turning cap-and-trade funding into solutions to our state’s most pressing environmental, social, and economic issues.

Read our stories here: California Benefits for California Story Bank









Spreading the word

As part of our Climate Benefits for California campaign, we are providing tools and training to help advocates spread the word about these benefits through partnerships with CA DeliversUplift CASustainable Communities for All, and others.

Check out our Climate Benefits for California FAQ's for answers to some frequently asked questions about the map, California's cap-and-trade program, and more.

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