AB 1112

Motorized scooters: Local regulation


Friedman - Glendale

Bill Status: 


Transform Position: 

Oppose unless amended

This bill would:
1) define a "shared mobility device";
2) require a unique identifier for each device;
3) allow local authorities to require companies to provide aggregated and deidentified trip data, and restrict local authorities' ability to gather individual data (except where provided by existing law);
4) prohibit local authorities from imposing, "unduly restrictive requirements" on mobility device providers that would have the effect of restricting them from operating;
5) allow local authorities to require certain provisions and restrictions (such as fleet caps) as a condition of operating a fleet;
6) prohibit local authorities from placing more restrictions on users of shared mobility devices than users of privately owned similar devices. The fourth point could restrict local jurisdictions' ability to require certain equity measures, such as subsidized travel for low-income riders.