AB 1530

Strengthen the Urban Forestry Act


Gonzalez Fletcher (D- San Diego)


California Releaf

Bill Status: 

Under consideration by Assembly committee

Transform Position: 


Our urban forests are vital to community and environmental health, especially for disadvantaged urban neighborhoods burdened with pollution and lacking significant green space. Yet these forests are increasingly under pressure from drought and disease. AB 1530 would strengthen the Urban Forestry Act of 1978 to better reflect our state's evolving priorities of addressing climate change and promoting environmental justice. AB 1530 contains provisions that would improve the health and management of our urban forests, such as setting targets for local and regional canopy cover and supporting the use of local water sources to care for trees. It would also target these improvements at communities most in need, by expanding workforce development and ensuring that disadvantaged communities get adequate resources and technical assistance to care for their urban forests. TransForm stands with our allies at California Releaf in supporting AB 1530.