SB 1

Transportation Funding


Beall (D- San Jose)


Senators Dodd, Hertzberg, Hill, McGuire, Mendoza, Monning, Weickowski, Wiener

Bill Status: 

Signed by the Governor

Transform Position: 

Oppose unless amended

Everyone agrees that California's transportation system is in crisis — but *how* we fix our broken system is just as important as whether and when it gets fixed. SB 1 proposes that California spend over $5 billion a year for 10 years on transportation, and thanks to strong and consistent advocacy from TransForm and many partners, it now includes around $1 billion per year in new funds for public transportation and safer walking and biking. But a late-night backroom deal with the trucking industry added a provision that would exempt commercial trucks from vital clean-air regulations passed by the California Air Resources Board. While we are extremely pleased with the overall direction of SB 1, we cannot accept the trucking exemption, which would allow ongoing pollution in historically disenfranchised communities, who already suffer terrible air quality. We urged legislators to remove this provision, or vote NO on SB 1.